Fitbit x Pets

Nov – Dec '12  |  Research, Product Design

PDF of full deck

The final project for my “Advanced Needfinding” class was a 4 week project for a corporate client, FitBit. Our assignment was to explore the pet/owner relationship in a narrow user group, and use ethnographic observation and interviews alongside other techniques learnt in the class to come to a deep understanding of the group’s needs. We then synthesised our research into needs, design principles, and 3 solutions, which we presented to FitBit to help guide their explorations of the problem space along with a written report.

My group - Tania Anaissie, Nick Chen, and me - chose to explore therapy cat owners’ relationship with their pets. We did interviews around the Bay Area (and Tania did a couple in Cincinnati) with cat lovers of all stripes, including 2 cat grooming companies, a professor with 7 cats, and the owner of a therapy cat with an online fan club.

For our final deliverable, we created:

  • 3 Frames – lenses for understanding the relationship between an owner and their therapy cat (The Child, The Alpha, and The Gift)
  • 3 Design Principles – guides for understanding how any FitBit product should fit into the pet-owner relationship
  • 3 Concepts – ideas based on our own observations and analysis that we suggested for user testing immediately

(Slide Graphics by Nick Chen)