Aug '13 – Present  |  Interaction Design, Visual Design, Research

NOTE - I haven’t published sketches and designs online because most of the work is unreleased and covered by NDA. PDFs available on request.

I worked as an experience designer in Intuit’s Rotational Development Program (RDP) from August 2013 to Jan 2015, and did 3 rotations on different teams and projects around the company. In my rotations, I worked on 4 projects at different stages of the product life cycle, on teams from 2 to over 50 people, and taken on multiple roles as a designer (research, interaction, visual, prototyping).

During the program, as well as setting the vision for and developing new products and features, I’ve also built teams’ expertise in design tools like Sketch and Flinto, skills like rapid sketching, and processes like rapid iterative design to accelerate their pace and improve the quality of their design output.

In my 1st rotation, I was the Lead Designer on QuickBooks Desktop for Accountants, making concept sketches, wireframes, and visual assets for improvements to its new collaboration tools, based on user studies and interviews I ran. At the same time, I worked with a large design team to set the vision for a new cloud-based product and design and hone the core feature-set. I led the explorations of the mobile part of the product through rapid sketches, wireframes, and prototypes that we tested with users.

I did my 2nd rotation with the Innovation and Advanced Technology group, leading an exploration in the wearable tech space with another designer. We brainstormed and sketched a huge number of concepts in Intuit’s existing and tangential spaces, built a framework for designing for wearables, and functional prototypes of our 2 most promising ideas. Alongside this project, I also led the design of a mobile app from a vision statement to a fully visually designed prototype ready for beta launch in 4 weeks, using Sketch and Flinto to make quick prototypes for feedback along the way.