Workshop: UX Sketching for Beginners

Apr '14  |  Teaching, Sketching, Product Design


I ran a workshop on UX sketching at Intuit to help others (mostly PMs) learn to visualise their ideas to communicate them better.

A Little More Detail

Rapidly visualising ideas is a key part of my skillset as a designer, and one that I discovered could be quickly picked up by anyone after breaking through the initial lack of confidence (“I can’t draw” being the most common complaint). In all my jobs, I’ve found being able to draw quickly particularly important for communicating ideas with PMs and engineers, and grounding discussions so we can make decisions faster.

I designed a workshop on rapid sketching UX design and ran it with a group of 30 people at Intuit in April.

I developed the content for this workshop over a few months, pulling together lessons about building confidence in sketching from my time at Stanford's, sketching books and exercises, and experience in my day-to-day job.

The workshop was the first in a series, which I followed with a workshop on visual design for beginner's in June.