Full Stack Engineer / Product Designer


Hey, I'm Ollie.

I’m a product designer and illustrator, currently working at Inkling. I got into design mostly because I wanted to have something to cool to say when people asked me what I do, but also because I care about building things that make people healthier, happier, smarter and more engaged with the world around them.

I grew up in London (with a few stints in Shanghai) and moved to California in 2009 to go to Stanford where I studied a mix of design, computer science, and art, with a few detours through French, political science, and creative writing.

When people ask me for fun facts about myself, I have 3 in my back pocket –

  1. I named myself at age 3 after seeing Oliver Twist and being taken with the charmed life of a starving orphan. I decided at age 4 that I vastly prefer being called “Ollie” to “Oliver”.
  2. I’ve met J.K. Rowling twice, and horribly embarrassed myself in front of her the first time.
  3. I meant to spend 4 months that I couldn’t legally work in the US reading Infinite Jest and War and Peace, but I took circus classes and went to Burning Man instead.

Shoot me an email if you feel like chatting. I’m a decently competent conversationalist on design, Wes Anderson movies, geometry, polyrhythms, Cold War history, and Björk.