Full Stack Engineer / Product Designer



NOTE: this project is still under development, but most of the back-end REST API is complete.

Project Website: (Not hosted yet, will add to Heroku)

Code: github.com/olliebeannn/chatterpod


Chatterpod is a social layer built on top of the ListenNotes podcast search and directory API that will let you discover and follow podcasts, and save, rate, take notes on, and discuss your favourite episodes with friends.


Chatterpod will run on a Heroku server. The back-end REST API is built using Node JS, PostgreSQL/Sequelize, and Express. The front-end will be built with React, and Redux. The app is designed responsively for web and mobile. Users create accounts and log in with Google OAuth (with help from Passport.js).

The podcast info is pulled from the ListenNotes API and cached to reduce the number of calls to the API.


The core set of features will include:

  • Searching for podcasts including filtering by genre

  • Viewing podcast details (pulled from ListenNotes API), including its most recent episodes

  • Discovery of the most popular podcasts right now

  • Following podcasts and saving podcast episodes

  • Ratings and comments on podcast episodes