Full Stack Engineer / Product Designer



👋 Hey, I’m Ollie.

I’m a full-stack engineer and product designer in Brooklyn, NY, building experiences that make people healthier, happier, smarter and more engaged with the world around them.

After spending 6 years as a product designer, I’ve been moving into software engineering for the last year. Right now, I lead design and am transitioning into an engineering role at Donut, a platform that helps companies build and scale great cultures. I’ve previously worked at Flatiron Health, Inkling, Intuit, and Amazon.

A little more about me: I’m a 4th generation immigrant, as in the 4th consecutive generation of my family to skip continents. I grew up in London and Shanghai and lived in San Francisco and Oakland before moving to New York in 2016. My spare time gets spent on circus performance, playing piano, and making faces at my dog. Keeping my eyes open in photos is an ongoing struggle.

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